Tesla Motors is a high-performance electric car manufacturer and sells vehicles directly to consumers rather than through traditional car dealerships. When the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission passed a regulation banning the direct sale of vehicles to consumers within the state, Tesla retained Open Door Media (ODM) to build and engage a coalition of third-party supporters to demonstrate support for legislation that would allow Tesla to reopen their doors for business in New Jersey. ODM recruited and organized a diverse group of stakeholders – including business organizations, free market representatives, environmentalists and car enthusiasts — to engage in legislative and earned media activities.  We secured numerous individuals to testify in support of the bill at legislative committee hearings and organized a press conference and rally with various coalition groups.  Additionally, ODM enlisted key stakeholders and opinion leaders to secure positive, widespread earned media coverage for the legislation. Due in part to this overwhelming coalition support, the legislature convincingly approved the legislation and it was signed into law by Governor Christie in March 2015.