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Coalition Building


Open Door Media has decades of experience working with organizations to build support for their issues, brands or causes. Our staff draws on our strong relationships with the region’s major advocacy organizations, business groups and thought leaders to drive support for clients’ projects and objectives.

ODM works with clients to deliver the most efficient and effective tactics for a comprehensive grassroots campaign. Grassroots and grasstops activities may include initiating letters and phone calls to decision makers; setting up meetings, fly-ins, and intercepts with targets; developing comprehensive talking points and messaging documents; drafting and placing favorable earned media opportunities such as authored articles, opinion editorials and letters to the editor; and event management for coalition activities.


Digital/Social Media Strategy

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Social Media


Today, most people are getting their news not from hardcopy print newspapers, but from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIN. As a result of the changing news paradigm, Open Door Media works with clients to integrate social media activities with other comprehensive communications tactics to effectively reach key stakeholders and members of the general public.

ODM’s experienced digital team analyzes the social media environment surrounding client brands and develops comprehensive digital plans that include the launch or rebranding of social media platforms, calls to action on platforms and targeted ad buys on a variety of digital platforms.


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External Comm

For years, Open Door Media professionals have worked with and in New Jersey’s diverse communities, know its histories and customs, relevant interest groups and political leaders, and the different and effective outreach methods needed to achieve success. As New Jersey urban and large suburban centers continue to redevelop, revitalize and expand, they are attracting the interest of more and more businesses and organizations that not only want to relocate to these thriving municipalities, but also tap into an accessible local workforce and resources.  Local government officials are also increasingly advocating for local job creation programs and other community benefits from businesses that wish to expand or seek to call their locality home.

Open Door Media has extensive experience in creating strategic partnerships between the private and public sector entities, devising communications, job recruitment and training strategies and working with local and regional communities to create coalitions in New Jersey’s major population centers. We routinely work with key decision makers in the Governor’s office, Department of Labor and Workforce Development and other interested governmental stakeholders who can provide financial and programmatic assistance to businesses interested in creating recruitment and training programs locally or statewide.

Internal Communications

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Internal Comm


At Open Door Media, we understand the importance of internal communications and the effect it can have on your external communications efforts. Today, a company announcement, annual report, or program-wide newsletter can easily be emailed or tweeted out in a matter of seconds.

We understand that your employees, shareholders, board members and stakeholders are often the best ambassadors for your organization. ODM works with clients to develop thought-provoking campaigns and collateral materials that are focused on best positioning your internal audience to reflect your brand, while also ensuring that your organization’s culture and message are reflected appropriately for external audiences.

Issues Management

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Issue Campaign



Open Door Media often manages sensitive political, regulatory and legislative issues for clients. Together with our sister firm, Capital Impact Group, we build a consensus of support for projects by tapping into our deep understanding of the regulatory and political environment surrounding an issue.

By integrating our services such as grassroots/grasstops coalition building, communications strategies and social media efforts, we reach the media outlets, decision makers, community leaders and constituencies of influence.